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Optical Crystals
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Optical Crystals


Calcite is highly regarded as anexceptional material for optical applications due to its remarkable properties,including its high birefringence, broad spectral transmission, and the availabilityof reasonably sized crystals. However, it should be noted that calcite cannotbe artificially synthesized. Only naturally occurring calcite crystals exist,which imposes limitations on achieving larger sizes while maintaining goodoptical quality. In recent years, the availability of high-quality opticalcalcite has become increasingly challenging, leading to a shortage of materialfor producing optical devices.



a-BBO is a high-temperature crystalcharacterized by negative uniaxial properties. It exhibits significantbirefringence across a wide transparency range spanning from 220nm to3500 nm. With its exceptional UV transparency, excellent mechanical properties,and high damage threshold, a-BBO crystals serve as an excellent alternative tocalcite in applications such as Glan-Taylor and Glan-Thompson polarizers. Theyare particularly well-suited for high-power and UV polarizers due to theirunique characteristics. However, it is important to note that a-BBO crystals,being centrosymmetric, have limited utility for non-linear opticalapplications.


Dayoptics is a major supplier of a-BBOcrystals and has developed expertise in synthesizing these crystals in-house,ensuring a consistent supply. We utilize these crystals to manufacture a rangeof high-quality polarizers,including Wollaston Polarizers,Glan Taylor Polarizers,Rochon Polarizers, High-Power Glan Laser Polarizers, Glan Thompson Polarizers.

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