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Fiber End Cap

Fiber end cap is a high power device designed for processing the output end face of high power fiber laser and fiber amplifier, and a high power fiber passive device to realize the protection of fiber end face. By expanding the output beam, the optical power density of the output end is reduced, and the echo reflection of the end end is greatly reduced by using a special end Angle design. The fiber cap can be used at the output end of the laser (amplifier) with high peak power or high average power, and the output beam distortion is very small.


The end cap is a pure fused Silica rod ,without fiber core, without coating layer . The incident light can be evenly dispersed in the high purity material. Using the end cap welding machine to fused to the fiber, which can reduce the fiber end air and glass interface light intensity, and prevent the damage caused by high power sources such as Q-switched lasers or fiber lasers. It can even be used to seal pores in photonic crystal fibers, preventing water from entering.

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Sizeavailable upon requirement

End surfaces polish, other surfaces fine grinding

Surface Quality10/5

CA: >85%

TWD: L/8@632.8nm

Flatness: L/8@632.8nm

Parallelism: < 15

Perpendicularity: <12

Chamfer: 0.5*45°

Chip: < 0.05mm

Coating: available upon requirement